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Our Values - Mango Hoi An Restaurants

Since the opening of his first restaurant in 2004, Chef Đức and his team have been driven by passion, generosity, and love for great food. Find out how we run our restaurants and what we hope to contribute through our core values.


We are proud to be different. There’s no place in the world like Chef Đức’s restaurants. That’s because we design each room and piece of furniture ourselves, and every dish we serve is made in a new and original way that reflects Chef Đức’s story.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Bamboo sofas designed by Chef Duc for the first Mango Rooms. Anchovies Romesco featuring local anchovies from Quang Nam. Repurposed aluminum from an American airbase is made into our light fixture. 


We are here to take care of you. We welcome anyone to come into our restaurants and have a moment of relaxation in a safe and inviting space. Our team will give you their full service and attention, and everything we feed you is handmade in our own kitchen.


Ms. Thuy, Manager at Mai Fish Restaurant, sets tables for our lunchtime guests.


We source out the best produce. We built relationships with local growers, farmers, and fishermen to ensure we are using fresh, clean, naturally grown ingredients in all our drinks and dishes. We guarantee wholesome, healthy food for our guests.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: An organic farm in Cam Chau District in Hoi An, where we source our microherbs. Organic tofu in Miss Mango made by one of our friends near Hoi An. We get fresh seafood delivered each morning from our fishermen partners.


We are firmly rooted in Hoi An. Hoi An gave Chef Đức the ingredients to express himself through food and hospitality. Our restaurants are all situated on storied streets around the historic Hoi An Ancient Town and along the Thu Bon River.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Chef Đức in the Hoi An Market, which first inspired his cooking ventures in Hoi An. Details of one of the ancient communal houses founded by Chinese migrants. Classic Hoi An colors in shophouses of the Ancient Town.


We are partners with others and with nature. Our staff are our partners and share in the profits of the business. We make every effort to operate sustainably, reduce our environmental impact, and treat our team, suppliers, and our guests with care and dignity.


We collaborate with our employees' parents to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs used in our three restaurants.

"I invest my genuine time and energy into every detail of my cooking and into my employees. Guests can experience my personality in each bite, in the music, in the space, and in the whole restaurant."

Trần Thanh Đức

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